The Christmas Workshop

The long family tradition committed (since the invention of Christmas tree ball made of glass) each piece is mouth blown, silvered by hand (so that the colors are so beautiful on the Christmas tree lights) and hand painted - manufacturing only  here in Germany in our factory.

Unique: We rely solely on our old artisanal skills and procedures our ancestors. We apply continue to unusual, amazing color and material components. Each piece comes with the utmost care and attention to detail manufactured. - As in ancient times, according to examples by old German classics (from the golden age of German Christmas decorations- manufacturers between 1870 to 1920).

Eminently: Our ornaments for Christmas made of glass are for people with particular tastes. For people to still a lot of emphasis on a harmonious, stylish Christmas basket. Therefore, we manufacture according to ancient, historical (old German) patterns, which, despite or perhaps because of their high age still today up to date. Our classic glass-ornaments are also in future still coveted, beautiful by style, elaborately in the processing and yet timeless, in application good to combine and collecting. She stand contrary to the rapid changes and the shallowness of our global time - she are some of the few values that are also in the future will remain. 

Because: It happens once a year that we are in a old tradition new fall in love. Finally on Christmas Eve of when Christmas tree lights, then come it back, the feelings from our childhood: delightful amazement, comforting security, surprising moments of luck.