Glassblowing tradition since 1445

Our Christmas tree ornaments made of glass is manufactured by traditional handicraft in Germany over 150 years after old techniques and procedures. The story of Mr. Willi Greiner-Mai, present owner is actually the history of glassblowing in the Thuringian Forest. All his ancestors were glass masters. Until the year 1425 can the family history be fully traced. Since the invention the Christmas ball made of glass (1848 first mentioned) manufactures the family today in the 6. generation, christmas tree ornaments from glass, the whole year for most beautiful holiday of the year, Christmas.

Stammbaum Greiner-Mai

The glassblower heated in front of flame simple, transparent glass tubes on about 1300 C°. Through steady turning and inflating, shaped he the hot glass to balls and bells.... It is up to the skill of the glassblower whether all are equal in size and the equal shape have. Should arise figures out the blanks, we use our old ceramic molds, out the time from "golden years" between 1870 until 1920. The Christmas ornaments is within silvered of the vitreous by hand. This requires a lot of experience and skill from our worker, because the surface the mirror must be evenly shine. Only then can the ornaments later splendidly in his beautiful colors shining. After the silvering, will be the glass ornaments, with the still existing helve, by hand in the desired color dipped and then headfirst attached to dry. Then decorate our nimble and assiduously artists, the glass ornaments (bullets, bells,...) carefully by hand to an unique copy. They painting with high-quality colors (after old family recipes mixed) lovingly with hand on and glue afterwards high-quality tinsel on. Up to ten times goes to example a Santa Claus by the hand of a painter, until he bright and glittering the Christmas tree adorns. Then the helve by hand cut off, the crown made of metal placed and each piece carefully packed in specially for this provided cartons. Shatter-proof packed send we our christmas tree ornaments to our customers for the most beautiful festival of festivals - Christmas.

Glasbläser Willi Greiner-Mai